Hi, welcome to A Thousand Words!

The topics I will mainly talk about is books, movies, books-to-movie adaptions and some extra fangirl stuff.

  • Books: There are book reviews about small time books which, in my opinion, need to be giving more attention and thought about
  • Movies: I will give my opinion to my favourite movies and their meanings behind them. Sometimes I will be discussing theories, if they are over rated, etc…
  • Book-to-movie adaptions: I will mainly concentrate my writing on this. I will give my opinion on why/why not it was good, how it could be better. I will rate the books that have been adapted, the actual adaption and the quality of the movie.
  • What if: These are usually my favourite things to think about. I will mainly talk about would would have happened if an huge event in history changed.
  • Other: This can be about anything really. Whatever I feel like on the day.