Inkheart Book-To-Movie Adaption Review

DISCLAIMER: I suggest you read the book and watch the movie as this contains spoilers! 

Have you ever wanted to have the ability to draw characters out of books, or in fact, enter the fiction world. Well that is what Meggie’s father, Mo, can do, but in his experience it is not as attractive as it might sound. When Meggie was two, her mother, Teresa, was ‘read’ into the world of Inkheart.

Meggie Folchart grew up with Mo alone and with their books. Mo is a book binder by trade and travels across Europe to repair books, and a perchance that he might find Inkheart

One night, a man, that went by the name of Dustfinger arrived at the house of Meggie and Mo, or, as he calls him, Silvertongue .

The next morning Mo is desperate to leave the house before he might meet our new friend Dustfinger and his marten Gwen, but he does meet him by their fence and drags Dustfinger along with them to Meggie’s great-aunt Elinor who is an eccentric book lover .  There, Mo hands over Inkheart to Elinor who hides it in another book.

Fast forward into that night, a man named Capricorn and his cronies break into the house stealing both Inkheart (we later discover that it wasn’t and it was swapped by another book) and Mo. Dustfinger also disappears without a trace.

Meggie finds the original copy. She goes and searches for Mo, only to be joined later by Elinor and Dustfinger. They venture into Capricorn’s village only to be captured by a guard named Basta who recognised Dustfinger. They are brought to Capricorn who is with Mo, Capricorn talks for a bit then makes Mo read from Treasure Island  to which money materialized suddenly in the air above them . He next reads from Tales from A Thousand and One Nights, but instead of money, a boy appears, called Farid.


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Ok ok sorry. I will just I assume that you have a good idea of the plotline. So basically they escape safely. Then Elinor tells Mo that the author is near them and he may have a copy of the book. They get new clothes and stuff. Mo then thinks, “Shit I’m going to continually endangering my child’s life and find this dude. So he drags poor Meggie along and finds the man, called Fenoglio. They  have a big adventure where they get caught again, Meggie finds her mom, (who lost her voice due to the fact she was read back by a nervous guy) Meggie discovers she has the same powers as Mo. Capricorn finds out, discards finding Mo (who disappeared at some point) and used her. He needs to bring a big ass monster thing called the Shadow. Fenoglio realised that if he just rewrites the story she could read it out and destroy Capricorn, and he did. Their asses were saved Capricorn is eaten by the monster and Farid and Dustfinger bugger off because they think that Mo wouldn’t read them back (yet he would read Fenoglio).

Now that is out the way we can actually get down to what I want to speak about. I loved the book a lot. I still need to read the rest of the trilogy (Inkspell and Inkdeath). Cornelia Funke really created descriptive characters. I also love that there is a budding romance between Farid and Meggie. It is not in your face, but there is something there. If there is something that I like in books is that the romance is not the main plot of the story (Cough Twilight cough) but it is there.


I cannot stress enough how much I love Fenoglio. He has that wit that brings a little humour into the story. I also LOVE  the fact that Elinor’s house is basically a library. I mean that is setting goals for fangirls since 2003.

I mean look at that! I must congratulate the Prop and Setting Department!

I have one problem though. WHY DID DUSTFINGER WALK AWAY! Just think about it. Mo never said “I not going to read you back , but I will read back Fenoglio” That’s the other thing. He read back Fenoglio and didn’t think for a second “Hey if I can do this, why can’t I read Dustfinger back!” That is what I like about the movie. The movie resolves this issue. I know it is a plot device that creates the next two books, but anyway…

I also love how the time in the story work in relative to real-time. So I read the first part of the second book, and I seems that it is 12 years after Dustfinger and the rest of the characters were read out. So the story was “dormant” until Mo read them out. It is a book after all and everyone is at different stages at all time. I like how, in Inkspell, that a lot of Inkworld changed. Like it is an alternative reality. You see, to bookworms like me books are an alternative reality and this literally describes our feelings towards it.

Now before I continue, let me tell you why I think Funke is awesome. She actually thanked Brendan Fraser for his performance in Inkspell. I kid you not. Here is a photo:


Movie Adaption: I thought the transformation was not bad. Obviously it was not the same, (they never are) but it had all the main characters and the basic plot line is same. It was only a simplified version. As I mentioned before, they changed the ending, but for the better. There are a lot of changes, but they did not break the movie. Some were great changes to the story, like the fact that there was a tornado out of nowhere and Meggie is certainly older than twelve but that didn’t worry me. It certainly did not do a Percy Jackson which immediately gains my respect. It was a Carrie for me. The cast was pretty amazing. I mean, it had Brendan Fraser, Helen Mirren and many others. They portrayed their characters perfectly

The when I watch movies that are adapted on books, these are my usual reactions:

  1. “Oh my God this is amazing”
  2. “It is not exactly like the book , but the movie is pretty good, so…”
  3. “Meh”
  5. “Holy crap it was based on a book! I must read the book at once.”

So this movie was definitely a between “1” and “2”. I highly recommend watching it and reading the book.

Thanks for reading my unorthodox blog. It was mainly to release my fangirlness opinion to the world. I know it wasn’t Shakespeare, but add a comment anyway if anyone actually finds this site and reads it. I know that it mainly consists of a summary, so here is a potato to make up for it:


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