The Tale As Old As Time Is Not Domestic Violence

Beauty and the Beast is probably my most beloved Disney classic (beside Mulan). For those who have no idea the plot line because they have to do it for a school project or just trying to sound smart, the plot is kind of explained, but watch the movie, because it is awesome. Before I start, if I missed out on anything or you want to prove me wrong add it in the comments section.

I was so excited to go to the live action version and I was not disappointed. The cast consists of Magneto, Obi Wan Kenobi, Olaf, Hermione Granger, Matthew Crawley, and many others from my favourite franchises . I love the CGI effects, the elegance of the castle, how hot the Beast is,the massive library, the amount of plot holes that were resolved. Ya know, the usual stuff.  Yet there are many critics, parents, feminists and teachers who disagree with me because it promoting “abusive relationships”, a “give up your dreams for a man” and the well-known “It’s just about women using their good looks to get what they want” and “they always need a man to save them”. So let’s get down to business to defeat the H…I mean let’s just get down to business, shall I? Thank you.

Let’s get down into a more detailed what they believe (in my own words). They believe that the story is about a girl called Belle who stays in an abusive relationship with a beast (fact: his real name is Adam, so we shall honour him by calling him that). Adam was turned into the Beast cause he was vain and had a vile temper by an enchantress, and he is still like that to Belle. Belle gave up here adventurous dreams to become a sex slave and a housewife to Adam because obviously he is only in to her because she is beautiful. Belle stayed because she thought she could change the horrible beast. The subliminal message sent to kids is to stick to a domestic violent relationship because in the end you can sway him with good looks. That’s what they think.

I’m very sure that is not what Disney thought when they made this for kids. I can disprove every single comment ever made against Beauty and the Beast.

(Just a few things before I rant, I am extremely sorry if I offend any of you guys in any way. Most of the time I don’t even know I’m doing it).

images (3)
No some of them are in Greek

I am going to tell you in more detailed idea on what I believe.  Our friends on the other side forget to remember the crux of the story: when Belle runs away. I’m not even talking about the newer version when she tries to escape via the window. First she refuses to have dinner with him and would rather starve. Then after she has a tour with Cogsworth and Lumierѐ, she disobeys and goes to the West Wing. She then gets frightened then runs away. She took the chance to get her ass outta there. Adam saves her from the wolves and she returned the favour and took him back to the Castle. They had that whole blaming each other session. Ya know the one where she takes no shit and says “You should learn to control your temper!”. She didn’t sit there and groveling for forgiveness. After that, Adam’s personality shows completely different side to him. He starts redeeming himself by giving Belle the library, something she always wanted. Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t use it as winning her over tactic. He didn’t bring her to the dark side with presents. He did it because he knew she loved reading, and he knew it made her happy. She in turn started to read to him.

Let’s talk about that for a second. It’s a little off topic but it needs to said. Beast wants her to read to him. That’s the main difference between Gaston and Adam. Gaston is more about looks and what’s on the outside. He even says “it is not right for a woman to read”. Adam on the other hand says “read it again”. He wants to hear her reading. Can’t it be more damn obvious if it wears a hat, dancing with a huge neon sign saying “obvious”

images (4)
That way he looks at her

Anyway back on track, they sing a song about their crush on each other, then we get to the little guys. Ok for those who say that it was shallow that the beast turns back into a good-looking guy (to be honest, I think the beast is better looking, sorry Dan Stevens) just think of the subjects (or is it objects?). They turned into objects for no damn reason. They even sing a song about being human again. It is selfish to just ignore them. Have a heart dammit.

Let’s go over to our antagonist, Gaston. We all least agree he is a self-centered bastard. He decides to lock up Belle’s father because he needs to get Belle to marry him. Belle comes back to help her father because she saw that he was troubled through the mirror. Gaston brought the owner of the insane asylum. Said if she agreed to marry him he will “clear up this little mess” Belle refused, saying her father is not crazy and showed the Beast through the magic mirror. Obviously he gets jelly and tries to kill the beast.

Fast forwarding to the last scene. Adam is about to die, and Belle admits she is in love with him and the Prince and all his Objects become human again. You do realise she saved his ass yet again. It was up to her to save him or let him go. Also she saved him from himself. He became a better person because of that. They get married and the movie ends.

One more thing before I end. Many people say she gave up her adventures to settle down. That’s a big lie! A) she had an adventure in itself. I mean it’s an enchanted castle for goodness sake! B) who says she can’t go on a big new adventure with him? She can still go around visiting new places and worlds.

So to end off my rant simply with these words: It’s a Disney film. It’s supposed to bring joy to kids and adults alike. I shouldn’t be dissecting this to prove a point. Just loosen up for God’s sake.


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